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ByPhillip Kim

Fiancé(e) Visas by Immigration Attorney in Fresno

This page provides information for U.S. citizens wishing to bring a foreign national fiancé(e)

living abroad to the United States to marry.

If you plan to marry a foreign national outside the United States or your fiancé(e) is already

residing legally in the United States, you do not need to file for a fiancé(e) visa.

Eligibility Requirements

If you petition for a fiancé(e) visa, you must show that:

● You (the petitioner) are a U.S. citizen.
● You intend to marry within 90 days of your fiancé(e) entering the United States.
● You and your fiancé(e) are both free to marry and any previous marriages must have

been legally terminated by divorce, death, or annulment.
● You met each other, in person, at least once within 2 years of filing your petition. There

are two exceptions that require a waiver:
1. If the requirement to meet would violate strict and long-established customs of your or

your fiancé(e)’s foreign culture or social practice.
2. If you prove that the requirement to meet would result in extreme hardship to you.
Application Process

After the Fiancé(e) Visa is Issued

Once issued, the fiancé(e) visa (or K-1 nonimmigrant visa) allows your fiancé(e) to enter the

United States for 90 days so that your marriage ceremony can take place. Once you marry,

your spouse may apply for permanent residence and remain in the United States

Children of Fiancé(e)s

If your fiancé(e) has a child (under 21 and unmarried), a K-2 nonimmigrant visa may be

available to him or her. Be sure to include the names of your fiancé(e)’s children

Permission to Work

After admission, your fiancé(e) may immediately apply for permission to work Application

for Employment Authorization.

What happens if we do not marry within 90 days?

Fiancé(e) status automatically expires after 90 days. It cannot be extended. Your fiancé(e)

should leave the United States at the end of the 90 days if you do not marry. If your fiancé

(e) does not depart, he or she will be in violation of U.S. immigration law. This may result in

removal (deportation) and/or could affect future eligibility for U.S. immigration benefits.

We want to make plans for our wedding. How long will this process take?

To check the current processing times
For More Information, Please Contact:
Fresno Immigration Attorney Phillip Kim
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ByPhillip Kim

Naturalization for Spouses of U.S. Citizens by Immigration Attorney in Fresno

In general, you may qualify for naturalization if you have been a permanent resident (green

card holder) for at least 3 years, have been living in marital union with the same U.S. citizen

spouse during such time, and meet all other eligibility requirements under this section.

In certain cases, spouses of U.S. citizens employed abroad may qualify for naturalization

regardless of their time as permanent residents.

General Eligibility Requirements

● Be 18 or older
● Be a permanent resident (green card holder) for at least 3 years
● Have been living in marital union with the U.S. citizen spouse, who has been a U.S.

citizen during all of such period, during the 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing

the application and up until examination on the application
● Have lived within the state, or US district with jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of

residence, for at least 3 months prior to the date of filing the application
● Have continuous residence in the United States as a lawful permanent resident for at

least 3 years immediately preceding the date of filing the application
● Reside continuously within the United States from the date of application for

naturalization until the time of naturalization
● Be physically present in the United States for at least 18 months out of the 3 years

immediately preceding the date of filing the application
● Be able to read, write, and speak English and have knowledge and an understanding of

U.S. history and government (civics)
● Be a person of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of

the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States

during all relevant periods under the law

Spouses of U.S. Citizens Employed Abroad

Generally, the spouse of a U.S. citizen who is employed by the U.S. government, including

the military, or other qualifying employer, whose spouse is stationed abroad in such

employment for at least 1 year, may be eligible for naturalization

In general, a spouse of a U.S. citizen employed abroad must be present in the United States

pursuant to a lawful admission for permanent residence at the time of examination on the

naturalization application and at the time of naturalization, and meet of all of the

requirements listed above except that:

● No specific period as a permanent resident (green card holder) is required (but the

spouse must be a permanent resident)
● No specific period of continuous residence or physical presence in the United States is

● No specific period of marital union is required; however, the spouses must be living in

marital union.

Note: You must also establish that you will depart abroad immediately after naturalization

and that you intend to reside in the United States immediately upon the termination of your

spouse’s employment abroad.
For More Information, Please Contact:
Fresno Immigration Attorney Phillip Kim
(559) 761-9742

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Liberals Continue to Fight Against an Honest Census

The “straw-dog” that comes out of the liberal circles is that asking people if they are in the US Legally during the census is a horrible act of racism. In actuality it is simply an attempt to guarantee all US Citizens the right to equal representation in congress and equal access to congressional funds and programs. As set up by the constitution, the purpose of the US Census is to determine the amount of congressional representatives each state receives Representatives and direct

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Vitter Vs. The Constitution: Louisiana Senator Pushes Amendment To Prevent Census Count Of Non-Citizens

Over the past couple of weeks, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has been trying to sell his and Sen. Robert Bennett’s (R-UT) amendment to the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill which would require the US Census Bureau to add a question about citizenship to its 2010 survey. Today, Vitter continued claiming that states with many immigrants would steal the representatives of states with few immigrants if noncitizens are not excluded from congressional apportionment de

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You Investigate! — Hawaii, COLBs and phoney citizenships

The Post & Email published WAS/IS HAWAII INVOLVED IN MASSIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION SCHEME? by John Charlton (Oct. 13, 2009) — From time to time The Post & Email will encourage its readers to become citizens with a passion for open government by suggesting lines of investigation, where many minds working together might discover what one researcher could never find. These investigations will be called “You Investigate!”, and bear a subject header, like the one on this story.

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Mr. President, We Are Not Demagogues — Please Talk With Us

A message from Roy Beck In Mexico, Pres. Obama called us a bad name. He was using his appearance in a foreign country to promise that he is determined early next year to “legalize” 12-20 million illegal aliens and put them on a path to U.S. citizenship. He made it pretty clear that he has a lot more admiration for citizens of other countries who break our immigration laws than he does for his own fellow citizens who oppose a blanket amnesty. The New York Times reported that Mr. Obama sai

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Patriots are ‘low-level terrorists’!

That is correct. If you disagree with government and voice or become involved in getting the word out, you are a ‘low-level terrorist’! This assertion has apparently been standard nomenclature for some time. Government is truly, and unequivocally, out of control when citizens who peacefully disagree with those in government are termed ‘low-level terrorists’! Oh, and those of Muslim faith who strap bombs to themselves are not terrorists?! According to govspeak, they aren’t. We are going dow

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U.S. military will offer path to citizenship (International Herald Tribune)

The new effort, the first since the Vietnam War, will target immigrant on temporary visas, giving them a chance to become citizens in as little as six months.

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PRESS RELEASE – Berg is ‘outraged’ at Congress as they failed the citizens of the United States by ‘not’ challenging Obama during the Electoral Vote on January 8, 2009 and Demands that Congressional Hearings be held regarding the ‘qualifications’ of Obama as we are headed for a ‘Constitutional Crisis’ by having an ‘ineligible’ President

Obama Crimes published (Contact information and PDF at end) (Lafayette Hill, PA – 01/15/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States and his case, Berg vs. Obama, in the U.S. Supreme Court is still pending regarding an Application for an Injunction, announced today that he wrote a letter to ‘each’ Member of Congress requesting they call for Congressional Hearin

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Woman accused of arranging dozens of sham marriages (Orange County Register)

Rancho Cucamonga woman pleads not guilty to arranging dozens of phony marriages between foreigners and U.S. citizens.