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Views on the News – 9/19/09

Last week we were treated to “All Barack, All the Time,” and it seems he is “Stuck on Stupid,” since he seems incapable of listening to criticism. Time and again, this President has shown himself a pedestrian thinker unable to move himself, much less anyone else, beyond partisan politics. First we were treated to A Very Special talk to students by the president, A Very Special appearance before the AFL-CIO and A Very Special address to Congress on health care, to be followed by A Very Special

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Mr. President, We Are Not Demagogues — Please Talk With Us

A message from Roy Beck In Mexico, Pres. Obama called us a bad name. He was using his appearance in a foreign country to promise that he is determined early next year to “legalize” 12-20 million illegal aliens and put them on a path to U.S. citizenship. He made it pretty clear that he has a lot more admiration for citizens of other countries who break our immigration laws than he does for his own fellow citizens who oppose a blanket amnesty. The New York Times reported that Mr. Obama sai