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Illegals just get a pass, you think?

A New York Times’ story reveals that immigration officials at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have begun preparations for issuing visas to 11-18 million illegal aliens who would be granted an amnesty if Congress is able to pass immigration reform legislation. “We are under way to prepare for that,” USCIS director Alejandro Mayorkas told the paper. Mayorkas also said that Obama has told the agency that amnesty would be part of an immigration reform bill, so the agency is trying t

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Leveraging Selfishness – Boycotting the census for amnesty

A post by Pat Some illegals and pro-amnesty supporters are urging illegals not to be counted in the 2010 census. Honest people might jump to the conclusion shame or fear may be the motivator. That is a mistake. It is a boycott intended to pressure politicians to empathize with the plight of being here illegally and do something to provide a path to legalization. If illegals don’t allow themselves to be counted, governments will receive less money based on census figures. Pro-amnesty sym

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Mr. President, We Are Not Demagogues — Please Talk With Us

A message from Roy Beck In Mexico, Pres. Obama called us a bad name. He was using his appearance in a foreign country to promise that he is determined early next year to “legalize” 12-20 million illegal aliens and put them on a path to U.S. citizenship. He made it pretty clear that he has a lot more admiration for citizens of other countries who break our immigration laws than he does for his own fellow citizens who oppose a blanket amnesty. The New York Times reported that Mr. Obama sai