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Terrorists in America

With Attorney General Holder’s investigation of CIA operatives who utilized enhanced-interrogation techniques on detainees, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the Obama administration’s downgrade of the War on Terror to “overseas contingency operations,” and the administration’s release of terrorists captured by heroic U.S. military personnel, what should be a preposterous question to ask the President of the United States, now needs to be asked. In the interest of America’s nation

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Patriots are ‘low-level terrorists’!

That is correct. If you disagree with government and voice or become involved in getting the word out, you are a ‘low-level terrorist’! This assertion has apparently been standard nomenclature for some time. Government is truly, and unequivocally, out of control when citizens who peacefully disagree with those in government are termed ‘low-level terrorists’! Oh, and those of Muslim faith who strap bombs to themselves are not terrorists?! According to govspeak, they aren’t. We are going dow