McCain Backs Immigration Reform

ByPhillip Kim

McCain Backs Immigration Reform

Senator John McCain shows his support for immigration reform and says the U.S. must act to finally move past this issue. To read more about how McCain is advocating for immigration reform, read Dan Nowicki’s article below:

McCain: Backing immigration reform sends right message

Arizona’s Capitol Hill delegation could send an “important” message that the state has moved past immigration controversies by unanimously backing a comprehensive border-reform package, Sen. John McCain said Monday.

Speaking at an Arizona Chamber of Commerce roundtable meeting, McCain, R-Ariz., sought to rally allies in the business community to get involved and “in a respectful fashion” emphasize to the state’s Republican U.S. House members how important immigration reform is to the economy. With Congress currently home from Washington on a five-week break, the time to make the case for immigration reform is now, he said.

“We need to get this issue done, and behind us,” McCain said. “And especially, I might say, in the state of Arizona, which has faced so much controversy and so much publicity, that it would be great if we saw the entire Arizona delegation support this comprehensive immigration reform.”

McCain, the primary Republican negotiator of a sweeping bipartisan immigration system overhaul that the Senate passed in late June, met with several groups Monday as part of a one-man push to motivate Arizona business and religious leaders to help persuade the state’s U.S. House delegation to support the effort, which would include a pathway to citizenship for many of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants already settled in the country as well as a massive border-security investment, workplace-enforcement measures and new visa programs for foreign workers.

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