Discharge Petition Proposed for Immigration Reform

ByPhillip Kim

Discharge Petition Proposed for Immigration Reform

As immigration reform continue to face hurdles, some propose the idea of passing the bill through discharge petition. To read more about immigration reform, read Alex Altman’s article below:

Can a Dusty Legislative Gambit Revive Immigration Reform?

The majority of voters want it. A broad bipartisan coalition pushed hard to enact it. The timing seemed propitious after the 2012 election. But all the economic arguments, policy papers and polling data marshaled by supporters cannot convince the Republicans who control the House. The best shot in a generation at rewriting U.S. immigration law looks destined to die with a whimper.

And yet there may still be a way to resuscitate reform efforts and force a vote on a path to citizenship. It involves a rarely used parliamentary tactic known as a discharge petition.

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