USCIS’ Role in the Visa Process by Immigration Attorney in Fresno

ByPhillip Kim

USCIS’ Role in the Visa Process by Immigration Attorney in Fresno

Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the visa process, particularly USCIS

and Department of State (DOS) efforts to maximize visa issuance in accordance with

the law.

In recent years, over 1 million people became Lawful Permanent Residents of the

United States (LPRs). Under the law there are a variety of different categories and

means through which a person may become eligible for permanent residence. A

substantial number of these categories have numerical limitations – annual caps on

how many people can immigrate. There are other aspects to these caps as well,

such as limitations per country.

The Department of State administers the provisions of the Immigration and

Nationality Act (INA) that relate to the numerical limits on immigrant visa issuance.

However, DOS and USCIS must work closely in this respect because visas issued by

DOS and adjustment of status granted by USCIS draw down from the same pool of

limited numbers. Close and careful coordination ensures that annual limitations are

not exceeded, and also helps us jointly strive to use all available visa numbers when

there is sufficient demand.

In concert with DOS, USCIS has made significant changes in recent years to

maximize the use of the limited number of visas available annually. These changes

include increased staffing, enhanced analytical capacity, more detailed and strategic

management of monthly production, and close partnership with DOS to share greater

information. This enhanced information exchange assists DOS in better managing visa

allocations through the monthly visa bulletin and improves USCIS’ ability to target

production for maximum result.For More Information, Please Contact:
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