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TV And Mail Say UAF_LBC Reporter At The Scene Said_ Around 50 EDL And Around 200 Asians Clash in Birmingham AGAIN!!

There were angry clashes in a city centre today as right-wing protesters fought with anti-fascist campaigners in a busy shopping street. A planned demonstration by The English Defence League in central Birmingham descended into violence as the group charged along New Street, close to the city’s main train station. More than 20 men have been arrested. Clashes: The English Defence League demonstration in Birmingham today Police officers hold back members of the public p

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Paranoia on the rise

“Hate on the Rise in United States.” “This next generation of hate incorporates elements of the militias, gun advocates, “nativists” opposed to immigration, tax protesters, and “birthers,” who have questioned the place of birth and citizenship of President Obama. The alignment of these groups could provide a dangerous mix that is susceptible to violence given the right combination of encouragement and firearms. ….. The report cites the Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck and CNN’s Lou Dob