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5 Fast Ways to Get a Green Card in Fresno California Attorney Greencard Lawyer

Here are the 5 FAST Ways to Get a Green Card in Fresno California

1. Through Family Members
2. Through Employment
3. Through Asylum
4. Through Registry
5. Through Cancellation of Removal

First, the most common way of getting a green card is through a family member.
Your spouse, parents, children, and siblings can sponsor you.
Depending on which family member sponsors you, the whole process could take between close to one year and over five years. The status of the sponsoring family member is also a factor- either a US citizen or a permanent resident.

Second, employment is also a common way of getting a green card.
The most difficult part of this particular process could be finding an employer who is willing to sponsor you. Many employers are reluctant to sponsor a foreign worker due to the legal and application costs in combination with the employer’s legal obligation. Thus, as a beneficiary, you need to ensure that your potential employer understands the legal process for sponsorship. There could be also a huge difference in legal fees among attorneys. So, you need to make sure to hire an attorney with reasonable legal fees.

Third, the goverment reports that there have still been a large number of asylum applicants each year. The unique aspect of the asylum process is that the asylum case is heavily based upon the applicant’s personal statement. Supplemental documents of articles and affidavits from witnesses could strengthen the case. The applicant also needs to well prepare for the interview. The attendance of an attorney of the interview is highly recommended.

Fourth, if you can prove that you have been in the United States since 1972 with a few requirements satisfied, you have a very good chance of getting a green card by registry. Your tax and social security would certainly help your case.

Last, cancellation of removal could also be used as a way of getting a green card. Please note that this method should be used as a last resort because deportation proceedings are highly likely to follow if the asylum application is denied.

If you need more information on getting a green card, please contact here.

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Hilda Solis’ belief in unions runs deep (Los Angeles Times)

President-elect Barack Obama’s nominee to head the U.S. Labor Department sees her parents’ membership as key to the success she and her siblings have achieved. Her father came from Mexico and was a Teamster who worked at a battery recycling plant. Her mother is from Nicaragua and had a union job on a Mattel assembly line.