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ByPhillip Kim

GOP Donors Press on for Immigration Reform

Top GOP donors are now pressuring the House to pass the immigration reform legislation and fix the broken system. To learn more about the updates of immigration reform and what GOP donors are doing to convince the House, please read Meghashyam Mali’s article below:

Top GOP Donors Press Lawmakers to Act on Immigration Reform

More than 100 top Republican donors and fundraisers are pressing GOP lawmakers to act on immigration reform, according to a report from The New York Times.
The donors sent a letter to Republican lawmakers on Tuesday urging them to “take action to fix our broken immigration system.”

Among the prominent signatories are Karl Rove, a former adviser to President George W. Bush and a top GOP strategist, and former Vice President Dan Quayle.
The letter calls for measures to “secure our borders,” a system for U.S. companies to “hire the workers they need while making it impossible to hire workers here illegally,” and a “path to legal status for undocumented immigrants.”

The effort was organized by former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, who served in the George W. Bush’s administration and is the founder of the group Republicans for Immigration Reform.
Gutierrez told the Times that the group would lobby GOP lawmakers over the August recess.

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ByPhillip Kim

GOP Against Immigration Reform

The new immigration reform bill allowing a pathway for citizenship and legal status for 11 million undocumented immigrants faces challenges as it awaits for approval in the House. GOP’s reasoning for its opposition is that reforming the immigration law is not necessary to repair the party’s problems with Hispanic voters and they are unwilling to hand Obama an easy victory. Republican sentiments are the only components preventing the bill from passing at this point. They are opposed to the idea of letting those who came illegally gain citizenship while others who try for many years waiting in line to get citizenship legally still don’t have citizenship. As the debate continues, Democrats continue pushing to pass the immigration reform bill this summer.