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As U.S. emerges from dark age, Canada’s scientific advantage fades (The Globe and Mail)

Scientists across the United States are celebrating the passing of the Bush administration as the end of a dark age, a bleak stretch in which research budgets shrank and everything – stem cells, sex education, climate change and the very origins of the Grand Canyon – became a point of conflict.

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Stephen Taylor: Canada says no to Bill Ayers. Why the shock?

Today, American radical William Ayers was denied entry to Canada. Here’s the an excerpt from the article on the story in the Globe and Mail: William Ayers, a distinguished education professor from the University of Illinois at Chicago, said he was perplexed and disappointed when the Canada Border Services Agency declared him inadmissible at the Toronto City Centre Airport on Sunday evening. He said he has travelled to Canada more than a dozen times in the past. “It seems very arbitrary,”