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Anchor Babies: No More U.S. Citizenship

Does it make sense to taxpayers for 400,000 pregnant mothers to break across America’s borders annually—and birth their babies into instant citizenship in the United States? Is it fair for American taxpayers to pay for those births in hospitals via the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)? Does it stand to reason that taxpayers must then pay for those children to enjoy 13 years of schooling at the expense of our children? Does anyone realize that the costs run into the bi

ByImmigration News

If the Republicans believed in families then the immigration laws wouldn’t be designed to break them apart, and why do the airlines not need customers to stay in business? – they must not since the airlines are gouging the public and not providing the safety measures to arrive with the plane intact –

U.S. relents in 11-year-old girl’s deportation case (CNN) — Eleven-year-old Ewelina Bledniak was looking at a year split from her parents, split from her friends, away from everything she loves about living in America. Ewelina Bledniak hopes to stay in the United States with her parents, Hubert and Agnieszka. The federal government was ready to deport Ewelina to her native Poland because when she was 3 years old, the family missed a deadline to file a key immi