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Illegal immigration hot topic at debate

Candidates running for South Carolinas 3rd Congressional District seat Thursday proposed eliminating incentives, stepping up border patrol and withdrawing U.S. citizenship from babies born to noncitizen parents as ways to halt illegal immigration.

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An American Christmas (Northwest Florida Daily News)

FORT WALTON BEACH — Angela, Chris and baby Jade Moyer are celebrating Christmas around their own tree in their new home.

It may not seem like such a feat, but considering that the three were almost forced to move to Australia earlier this year because of immigration problems, the Moyers feel very blessed.

“It’s amazing. A miracle,” said Roy Mills, Angela’s father.
The Moyers’ ordeal began in October 2005 when newlyweds Angela and Chris visited Niagara Falls on their honeymoon.

The couple, then 22 and 21, crossed Rainbow Bridge into Canada to have dinner at a restaurant there. When they tried to return to their hotel in the United States, the border patrol wouldn’t let Angela back across the bridge.