LAPD will NOT detain undocumented immigrants without …

ByPhillip Kim

LAPD will NOT detain undocumented immigrants without …

The city of Los Angeles announced that it will NO longer honor requests from federal immigration officials to detain undocumented immigrants for possible deportation without either a court order or arrest warrant, citing constitutional concerns raised by recent court decisions.

In announcing the decision, Mayor Eric Garcetti and police Chief Charlie Beck cited a recent decision by a federal judge in Oregon who found that local authorities violated the 4th Amendment rights of an undocumented immigrant held for two weeks on an ICE hold despite being eligible for release. Specifically, the judge found that such detainers lacked the necessary legal underpinnings, such as probable cause or a judicial determination, required to hold a suspect for a longer period.

Los Angeles’ decision to stop honoring the ICE requests represents another front in the immigration fight, with other local governments, including Philadelphia, Cook County, Ill., Newark, N.J., and other areas in California, recently deciding to limit or end their cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.
(from NBC News)

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