Immigration Reform Receives Support from Farm Owners

ByPhillip Kim

Immigration Reform Receives Support from Farm Owners

Local farmers are banding together to voice their support for the passage of the new immigration reform bill. They emphasize the crucial contribution of immigrant workers, and their opinions are projected to have an impact on the House decision.

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Cantaloupe Growers Lobby Congress on Immigration Reform

Mornings for Bruce Frasier, an onion and cantaloupe grower in southwest Texas, are tinged with anxiety over whether enough day laborers will arrive in vans to harvest his crops.

“It’s a heck of a way for a businessman to start his day,” said Frasier, who visited Washington to express his concerns about a dwindling labor force as he sought to persuade members of his Republican Party to revise U.S. immigration laws.

Frasier’s initiative emphasizes the crucial role business owners, in particular agricultural producers and technology companies that rely on immigrants, will play in the U.S. House debate over easing current restrictions. The industries’ voices may serve as a counterweight to Tea Party advocates who oppose revamping U.S. immigration policy, particularly Republicans from conservative-voting districts in states such as Texas.

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