How to Obtain Protection through Deportation Proceedings


How to Obtain Protection through Deportation Proceedings

The following information is for people seeking protection from deportation. Proceedings take place in Immigration Court or before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). In deportation proceedings, individuals can apply for protection and immigration benefits like:

• Adjustment to permanent resident status
• Cancellation of removal
• Waivers that allow admission into the U.S.
• Asylum or hold back deportation orders (if eligible)

If you are filing for protection, you need to submit certain applications and provide biometric and biographic information to USCIS. If you do not file these forms properly, your file will not be passed on to removal proceedings. These procedures are meant to ensure that background checks are completed before your file is examined for protection benefits.

Since April 1, 2005, benefits cannot be granted to individuals until background checks are completed.
If your application is accepted, the process is not over yet. You will be issued further instructions by the Immigration Court. You must follow these instructions to receive documentation and work authorization.



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