House Members Discuss Immigration Reform During August Recess

ByPhillip Kim

House Members Discuss Immigration Reform During August Recess

During the House’s summer recess in August, members will attend town hall meetings as well as hear the opinions of their constituents regarding the issue of immigration reform.

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Immigration Reform Backers See Hopeful Signs in House

Despite the missed goals, uncertain timetable and at-times heated rhetoric in the Republican-led House of Representatives, immigration-reform supporters remain cautiously optimistic that a game plan is emerging that will have lawmakers voting on the legislation this year.

Action in the House is on hold until after Congress returns from its August recess on Sept. 9. But the five-week break, during which representatives will hold town hall meetings and otherwise gauge the feelings of their constituents, could go a long way toward determining the legislation’s fate.

Immigration-rights activists this month are planning to press their case with House lawmakers. Business, religious, law-enforcement and labor groups already have been lobbying aggressively for reform. Opponents of immigration reform — which many critics call “amnesty” for law-breaking immigrants — also are expected to make their voices heard, but the House’s inaction so far has provided little to galvanize them.

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