Beware of Imitation Immigration Help Sites


Beware of Imitation Immigration Help Sites


The Internet provides people worldwide with much needed information and services. When it comes to immigration law, there is no shortage of websites that seem to offer harmless help.

In actuality, some sites are owned by unqualified, private businesses that seek to make a profit from unexpected users. Unlike our web services, some websites provide forms and claim that the cost of filing forms is much more expensive than it already is.

Immigration websites that provide forms and paperwork, but do not end in .gov may not be trustworthy sources. Some sites ask you to pay a fee, but it may not be the fee required by USCIS. So while you are paying for immigration services, the payment is not going to USCIS. Instead it is going to a personal business that is not legally qualified to provide you with information. Additionally, sites might offer incorrect or dated information about immigration processes. This will delay your case and may even result in a denial of your request for a visa or other document.

Particularly, we want our readers to take caution when websites claim to be “official” government sites. Often, these sites attempt to secure payments as “legal fees”. These sites may even gain your trust by charging an amount that USCIS would normally charge for the filing of a certain form. Whenever you are unsure about a website and the services it offers, contact an immigration attorney to ensure that you are on the right track.

When you use fraudulent websites to file claims and seek information about the legal process, you are jeopardizing your chance at being granted U.S. citizenship. Immigration has a lot to do with good timing – you have to apply for certain documents at the right time and if you miss a deadline, you may have missed your chance at becoming a legal resident of the United States (for example, once you have passed the age of 21, applying for a green card through a family member becomes a far lengthier process and sometimes impossible). When time is of the essence, it is very important to make sure that every step of the application process is reviewed by an attorney who has been authorized by the state bar.

While online sites may seem helpful and accommodating, when you are facing an issue as serious as deportation or family immigration, you do not want to make the mistake of trusting sites that are run by unqualified personnel. This blog is designed to give you accurate, up-to-date immigration information.

Rather than risk the use of imitation immigration sites, contact Attorney Phillip Kim for up-to-date and reliable information about immigration laws and reforms!

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