Advocacy for Immigration Reform During August Recess

ByPhillip Kim

Advocacy for Immigration Reform During August Recess


As representatives are on their August recess, advocates for immigration reform from all districts are making their voices heard. To read more about immigration reform, read Julie Chavez Rodriguez’s article below:

Bipartisan Support for Immigration Reform Mounts During August Recess

As members of Congress go home to their districts for the August recess, they are hearing directly from Americans of all political stripes who are calling for a vote on commonsense immigration reform. In hundreds of town hall meetings, business roundtables, vigils, pilgrimages and rallies across the country, supporters of immigration reform including evangelicals, business owners, labor and law enforcement leaders, are asking their representatives to pass legislation to fix our broken immigration system as soon as they return to Washington in September.

Pro-reform supporters are making waves across the country as they continue to build momentum for immigration reform. The broad coalition of constituents who support reform is stronger and more bipartisan than ever. They have a clear message: Congress must work to fix our immigration system as soon as members return to the Capitol this fall.

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