Finally, Obama Will Issue Executive Orders This Month? Immigration Reform

On November 16, 2014, during the G20 Summit, Obama announced that he would issue Executive Orders by the end of this year. Some White House source, however, says that the Executive Order announcement could happen as soon as this week.

It seems the President finally found the courage to — in the words of Sen. Mitch McConnell — wave a red flag in front of a bull and do the right thing by providing administrative relief to millions of undocumented immigrants.

How many is still unclear, but probably over 5 million could benefit.
Although the White House has said there is no date set, rumors are flying that an announcement could happen as soon as this week.

The President’s plan could allow parents of citizens or legal residents to stay in the country, as well as parents of those undocumented who came to the U.S. as children. Moreover, millions of people would be protected from deportations by this measure.

This issue has been discussed many times in the past ten years in the form of Immigration Reform. The Congress will not pass the Immigration Reform this year; but President’s Executive Orders will legalize many undocumented aliens. Executive action has been used by 11 Presidents, 39 times in the last 60 years.

When the Executive Orders are announced this month, they will be bigger than any immigration policy changes in the past ten years and will impact millions of people’s lives in a positive and fundamental way.

From abcnews