The H-1B visa is for qualified workers wanting to enter the U.S. for a limited time in order to work. This visa is designed for migrants who already have a prospective employer in the U.S. who can file some necessary forms on the worker’s behalf. The H1-B program is only allotted 65,000 visas each year, so there is no guarantee that in any given year you will be granted an H-1B visa.

Before submitting the H-1B application, H-1B qualified occupations and H-1B3 fashion models must have the Labor Certification Application approved. Your prospective U.S. employer must file the LCA on your behalf with the U.S. Department of Labor. If you are granted certification, your employer can then file a petition for alien employee on your behalf. Both the certification and petition are necessary and mandatory for all H-1B1 and H-1B3 applicants. If you are being represented by an immigration attorney during your visa process, you must submit your consent to your lawyer’s interference. You will also need to include proper documentation of your identity, admissibility to the U.S., educational attainment, and relevant work experience necessary to your specific subcategory of the H-1B. Foreign language documents should include a full English translation to ensure proper review.

Alien workers applying to extend the time on their H-1B visa must reapply following the same guidelines.

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