U.S. citizenship provides many rights, but also involves many responsibilities. Thus, the decision to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization is important. By becoming a U.S. citizen, you gain many rights that permanent residents or others do not have, including the right to vote. To be eligible for naturalization, you must first meet certain requirements set by U.S. law.

Requirements to be eligible for naturalization include being age 18 or older, being a permanent resident for a certain time period, having good moral character, having a basic knowledge of the U.S. government, having continuous residence in the U.S., and being able to communicate English (with some exceptions).

So when is it possible to apply for naturalization?

One may be able to apply for naturalization if he/she is at least 18 years of age and have been a permanent resident either for at least 5 years, at least 3 years (during which you have been in a marriage relationship with your U.S. citizen husband or wife), or have honorable service in the U.S. military. Certain spouses of U.S. citizens and/or members of the military may be able to file for naturalization sooner than noted above.

To learn more about the naturalization process and take the first step in applying for U.S. citizenship, contact attorney Phillip Kim for specialized help tailored to your needs.

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